Developing Skills for Women Empowerment

Under supervision of Sami Yazdani, AMAL’s Aaj Ki Aurat have made the most beautiful pieces like Coffee tables, Chairs, Stools, as well as jewelry, glass hangings, garden decoration and paintings etc. by using materials that would’ve otherwise been an addition to Pakistan’s landfills.

“Her Basti Abad” Exhibition

Under our “Aaj Ki Aurat” initiative, an exhibition was held to showcase the beautiful products, the participating women made out of recycled materials. The exhibition held on 9th of July 25, 2019 was very successful and AMAL team greatly appreciates the concerned citizens for their support.

Public Outreach to Promote AMAL APP

In the first week of July, Amal’s hardworking and committed interns went out onto the streets of Lahore to speak with the public about waste reduction and the difference one can make through AMAL’s free app. This Awareness Campaign helped develop our interns’ communication skills and strengthened their passion for AMAL’s cause.