Amal for life App

The bilingual App provides the bilingual mobile platform to enable the willing citizens of Pakistan to adopt and perform the environment friendly actions. Amal uses the power of technology to educate, motivate, and track its users to be more conscious of how they can adjust their daily habits so that they can positively contribute and reinforce the Zero Waste Challenge. It has a number of features (The 7 R’s) for the users beginning their journey to a greener lifestyle — Refuse, Reduce, Regift, Reuse, Recycle, Replant, and Report. By incentivizing each task with the exciting opportunities that become available with the Green Points one gains upon the completion of each task, we hope to rewire our user’s psyche so these tasks become a habit. The app is available to download on the Apple store for iPhones and Play store for Androids

Download The “Amal for life” app on iphone and android

MyWaste App

Safe collection and disposal of dry and wet waste is a major issue for households and businesses. My Waste App is an innovative solution to help you perform your ethical obligations and improve the aesthetics around you. This bilingual App for source segregated waste management from households and businesses is based on 2-bin model and “polluters pay” principle.
All you have to do is:
. Segregate dry waste from wet waste and throw them in separate bins.
. Register with us through the App and we will collect your dry waste for free;
. You earn Green Credits against safe disposal of your dry waste;
. Use your Green Credits to get wet waste management services for free as well
. Enhance your individual and corporate social image and earn a repute for being an nvironmentally responsible person/ entity.

Green Log App

Amal has introduced a bilingual App for bulk plantation by large teams. This role based mobile application records plant information with an elaborate metadata, including complete plant life cycle, geo-tagging and post plantation maintenance/ follow-up. The App comes with a dashboard showing the team composition and hierarchy, assigned vs planted flora, weekly and monthly reporting, mortality data and time series etc.