Zero Waste Challenge

Started in 2018, the Zero Waste Challenge is Amal’s flagship initiative to promote responsible trash management through volunteer actions and the use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). The campaign targets school children as the target group.

Guided by the principle of “Leading by Action”, the campaign works with schools, corporate entities and concerned citizens to raise awareness on sustainable collection, recycling and reuse of trash. The rationale is that the young minds are more open to change and have the passion and energy to bring change in the society at large.

Currently, more than 20 branches of eminent schools in Lahore have been engaged in the drive including Beaconhouse School, The City School, Learning Alliance and TNS. As we plan to scale out the drive to more schools and regions across the country, we invite interested individuals and institutions to join hands with us.

The Zero Waste Challenge aims to practically reduce the massive amount of waste that goes to landfills and ensure the well-being of environment as well as the people. The reduction in waste and its recycling benefits the people living near landfill sites who are exposed to hazards associated with air pollution and water quality. It also helps promote circular economy and sustainable use of stretched out planetary resources.

Zero Waste Challenge
comprises of three phases:

Awareness: The school children of different age groups are immersed in the 7Rs of environmental protection through multimedia presentations and workshop activities. They take oath to show kindness to the environment through “Amal for Life” (App-based) small actions.

Implementation: The school management’s commitment is sought to introduce 2-bin model and coach the children to “LEAD by Example”. They are encouraged to become part of Green Points Network (GPN), a unique initiative to reward the environmental change makers through Green Points competitions and initiatives.

Reinforcement: The schools are provided communication material for awareness raising. Their commitment is sought to incorporate 7Rs in the curriculum and encourage the use “Amal for Life” by students.

Aaj Ki Aurat

Under this initiative, Amal has conducted training sessions for the selected women with underprivileged background to gain skills to realize small scale business ideas. Aaj Ki Aurat initiative offers women the opportunity to earn a respectable living while eliminating excess waste at the same time. The waste material from the products of “Har Busti Abaad” exhibition have been up-cycled into hand-made daily use products by the participating women. Currently being run in Lahore, this is an important women empowerment initiative aimed at increasing the economic opportunities for women and enhancing their control on their disposable income.

Youth Internship Program

Amal has run a purpose-specific internship program for the youth to increase their interest and skills in “Zero Waste” technologies, businesses and jobs. We have engaged school and college going students to impart them practical insights into how they can upcycle waste in their daily lives and how imperative it has become for them to do so. The internship program is of three-week duration and is conducted in summer every year to prepare a pool of young activists through training sessions, discussions, and group activities who can play a leadership role in the Zero Waste movement.
This year, the program was successfully conducted from June 24 to July 12, 2019 in Amal’s Lahore premises.